I have begun my first Linux challenge of the year. These are challenges where I try out a new distribution, or desktop environment, for a few weeks. This is so that I can both try new things and to learn how different Linux technologies work.

This first challenge is to explore the Arch Linux world by using the Arco Linux distribution. This distribution, by Erik Dubois, was created with the intention of helping people learn not only the Arch world but Linux in general. This is, in my opinion, a unique distribution as Erik has created a learning program to take you from beginner to advanced levels.

For this first challenge I have decided to live in the Arch world for the next four weeks, to learn how it works and to see if I truly want to carry on living in it, rather than the Debian/Ubuntu family of Linux distributions.

I am looking forward to seeing how it all works and getting used to the system as I’ve not really lived in Arch for an extended period of time. Apart from a couple of little niggles, I’m enjoying it… thus far!